Terms and conditions

  1. Scrutiny and usage of personal information: Item will be rented only after scrutiny of borrower. Borrower will be asked to provide identification details and in a few cases, a nominal deposit fee for rented items. We also share information with a private detective agency and rent only when we get their opinion, especially when the equipment value is high. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DEPOSITS and we need such measures to minimize our risk. Of course, for the honest borrowers, we promise, the whole thing will be a cakewalk.
  2. Life ban for misuse: Submission of incorrect personal information, a personal history of abusing our system, incorrect usage of our equipment, etc could lead to a life-ban from any and all of the services provided by Tapprs Ventures India Pvt Ltd.
  3. Borrower's responsibility: Borrower has to assume full responsibility to return items in same condition. Damage or loss of equipment during the rental period is entirely the borrower's responsibility once the equipment is received. Please check the equipment properly when you receive it.
  4. Equipment loss: In the event of loss of equipment, customer agrees to pay the full replacement cost of the equipment to Tapprs Ventures India Pvt Ltd. If the item is out of stock or unavailable, Tapprs has the right to levy an appropriate charge.
  5. Equipment damage:In the event of damage to equipment, customer agrees to pay actual repair costs as incurred at a service center. Bills for the repair will be provided. In the event that customer claims the equipment failed on its own rather than was damaged, the report of the service center will be considered binding concerning equipment failure or damage. If the repair center says wear and tear or due to regular usage, we bear the expense. Else, the customer pays for it. Water, sand, fire induced damages and those arising out of negligence on the part of the customer are ALWAYS borne by customer. If the item is damaged beyond repair, the item will have to be replaced. Alternatively, a replacement value as assessed by us will be charged. Loss of rental for the period will be charged at rates mentioned for regular rentals on our site.
  6. Missing or damaged accessories:If any accessory that was provided with the equipment is missing or damaged, the accessory has to be replaced (new only) by the customer. Else we will charge you the price of a new accessory plus a 10% of cost as fine. If the accessory is not available, it is the discretion of Tapprs Ventures India Pvt Ltd to levy an appropriate fine.
  7. Default on return:No Show on dates of return & not answering calls will be charged at twice the daily rental ratefor no-show days irrespective of reasons except critical medical emergencies.
  8. Loss due to failure of equipment: In spite of our best efforts to maintain equipment in excellent condition, it is entirely possible that the rented equipment could fail. In such situations, we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss you may incur.
  9. Usage:All items listed here are for normal use only. Usage under extreme conditions is prohibited!
  10. Ownership of equipment at all times remains with Tapprs Ventures India Pvt Ltd.
  11. Cancellation: We do not charge any fee for cancellation if you cancel before 7 days of rental start date. Post that, cancellation fee of 1 days rental is charged.
  12. Loss, theft and fraud: If item is not received back even after 72 hours after rental end time and customer is not reachable and /or if we figure out that any of the details are fudged, we will be forced to initiate recovery proceedings including handing over the case to our legal & recovery advisors. A FIR will be filed and case will be handed over to cyber crime. A 420 case will be booked. Also services of a private investigator will be used to track down the customer and the equipment in resale markets / forums using serial number. Loss of item along with details of the renter and his photo with us will be published on our site, Facebook page, Twitter, other networks and media including newspapers if we deem that necessary.